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Course Details

The Confederation of International Talents (CIT) offers high-quality Hospitality & Tourism Management courses in Mauritius. We adhere to rigorous research methodologies and stringent quality standards to confirm that our curriculum meets the industry's demands and regulations. Our courses are a blend of theoretical concepts and practical insights derived from real-world experiences that offer quality learning of the hospitality and tourism sector. We make sure that our program will develop the confidence and competence needed to succeed in the evolving and growing segment of hospitality and tourism management.
We offer internationally recognized Hospitality and Tourism Management courses, in affiliation with esteemed accreditation bodies such as OTHM and ICM. These affiliations are proof that our courses adhere to rigorous standards and provide you with an education that is globally admired and sought after.

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses are affiliated with qualified bodies i.e. OTHM and Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) . 

S. No Course Name Accreditation Level Hours
Diploma in Tourism and Business Studies
Diploma L4
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Diploma L4
Diploma L4
Extended Diploma L5

Why Choose Hospitality & Tourism Management Courses?

This sector offers vast opportunities for career growth due to the growing importance of travel and leisure. It's an exciting industry focused on providing great service and unforgettable experiences. Moreover, with globalization and digital platforms, there are lots of opportunities to make a difference worldwide. Some key benefits are:

Customer Service Excellence

Cultural Competence

Sustainability Focus

Global Opportunities


Crisis Management

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Career Opportunities

Upon completing our courses the following career opportunities await you:

  • Tourism Marketing Specialist

  •  Event Coordinator
  •  Hotel Management
  •  Travel Consultant
  •  Guest Service Manager
  •  Restaurant Manager
  • And many more positions in the growing hospitality and tourism industry.

We help students cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community and this world.

Mode of Learning

At CIT Institute, we offer flexible learning options to fit your lifestyle and preferences:

Online Learning

Our online program allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You can easily access course materials, participate in virtual classes, and interact with instructors and also with fellow students through our user-friendly online learning platform.

Offline Learning

 If you prefer a traditional classroom setting then we also offer in-person classes in Mauritius. Our experienced instructors foster interactive learning and provide hands-on training. 

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Who Can Apply?

1. High school graduates interested in pursuing a career in this field.
2. College students seeking to specialize or major in hospitality and tourism management.
3. Professionals already working in the hospitality & Tourism industry who want to advance their careers.
4.Individuals looking to transition into the hospitality and tourism field from other industries.
5. International students interested in studying hospitality and tourism management abroad, provided they meet the admission requirements and visa regulations.

Contact CIT Institute

Our team will be delighted to provide you with detailed information, answer any additional queries, and guide you through the enrollment process.

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Why Choose our courses?

Diverse Career Paths

This program equips you with versatile skills to pursue diverse roles. Professionals in this field play a vital role in shaping memorable experiences for travelers and contributing to the global tourism economy.

Practical Experience

You'll gain practical experience through internships, industry visits, and hands-on training, enhancing your employability and networking opportunities.

Career Support Services

Our career support team helps students find jobs after they graduate. They offer help with resumes, interview preparation, and finding job placements.

Personal & Professional Growth

You will develop essential skills like effective communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and adaptability. Therefore enabling you to succeed in various professional environments.

Global Recognition

These programs carry international recognition and credibility, as these are affiliated with ICM and MQA. This grows your career prospects internationally.

Industry-Aligned Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed to match current industry trends, ensuring you are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills required by employers.

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