Free Graphic Design Course With Certificate

Certified Excellence, Freely Accessible: For a flourishing career in the vibrant world of design

Free graphic design course with certificate

Build a successful career with our free graphic design course with certificate

Confederation of International Talents (CIT) is a creative hub that welcomes you to enroll in our free graphic design course with certificate. Our program offers extensive learning from beginner basics to advanced skills. Moreover, our program offers hands-on learning and industry-relevant tools.

You will be a pro by earning a recognized certificate in this domain. 

Course Overview

Mode of Learning

Online and offline both


4 months to 2 years


Global Recognisation
free graphic design course overview

Topics Overview

Our program is backed by research to offer comprehensive knowledge in graphic design.

With our free graphic design course, students explore the creative process of visual communication through both theoretical understanding and practical application. Our students develop a professional portfolio showcasing their design work.

Topic overview-Graphic design course

Summing up the topics below:

1.Fundamentals of Graphic Design

2. Adobe Creative Suite

3.Typography and Layout Design

4.UX Research and Responsive Design

5.Branding and Identity Design

6.Web and UI/UX Design Principles

7.Print Design Techniques

8. Portfolio Development

Why Choose Graphic Design?

Creative Expression


Professional Branding

Lucrative Career Opportunities

Growing Industry

Technology Proficiency

Graphic designing creativity
We don't just craft visuals; we breathe life into ideas, painting emotions with the strokes of innovation. It's a sanctuary where every pixel tells a story, where imagination takes flight, and where the extraordinary is born from the fusion of passion and skill. Join us in sculpting a world where creativity knows no bounds, and where the magic of design leaves an indelible mark on hearts,.
CIT Team

Job/Freelance Opportunities

Whether freelancing or working in-house, there's a role to match every creative passion after doing our free graphic design course with a certificate. Below are some of these:

Graphic Designer

Production Artist

UI designer


Multimedia Designer

UX Designer

Who should enroll in our graphic design course?

Our program is Ideal for aspiring artists, professionals seeking new avenues, and entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their brand.

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Why opt for Our Courses

Free Quality Course

Our free courses are extensive to develop top-level designing skills for you without financial burden.

Use Industry Tools

You will gain access to industry-standard software for gaining practical knowledge thereby upper hand and competitive edge in the job market.

Portfolio Development

We will help you build a standout portfolio for showcasing your best work, and impressing potential clients or employers.

Real-World Projects

You will have hands-on projects that mirror real-life work scenarios to sharpen your skills.

Valid Certificate

You will earn a recognized certificate to showcase your credibility to employers.

Feedback-Driven Learning

Receive personalized feedback on your projects that will help you refine your skills with each assignment.

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